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Meet the Local

Meet the local people and spend an afternoon with them, have a meal together, visit a school or a typical African Church Ceremony, or visit one of the Moliz Tours and Safaris projects. Moliz Tours and Safaris supports the local people and encourages clients to visit their programs and give them support.

Moliz Tours and Safaris donates 5 $ per client to Nyamiko.

Nyamiko Community Based Tourism

Moliz Tours and Safaris is working together with Nyamiko Community Based Tourism. This unique combination gives the opportunity to our clients to meet the local people of Uganda and visit local tribes. Its not a treasure to see Uganda without meeting the local people, so shape your safari with the local people!

About Nyamiko Community.

Nyamiko Community was established as an umbrella organization representing communities in destination areas of S.Western Uganda to understand the importance of traveling leading to tourism as a business, which Nyamiko believes is among the best sectors to help communities to get out of poverty. Further more, its purpose is to empower local communities in sustainable development that they can plan, manage and develop themselves.

With the growth of tourism in the 1990's, communities near 'protected areas' and national parks discovered an opportunity of tourism. Uganda, as a tourism destination was on a smaller scale, environmentally related called Eco-tourism. The hope of Nyamiko is the formation of a symbiotic relationship between the indigenous people and the tourism activities in environmentally sensitive areas.

Tourism in Uganda offers one of the best hopes for increasing the income of the local people and at the same time preserving 'protected areas'.
Nyamiko will encourage other communities to develop tourism activities so that they can plan, manage and develop themselves. However, these activities should not take over the Local's minds off the traditional agricultural based economy. This is essential for the well being of the community and the tourism industry that they are trying to develop.

Community tourism can involve everyone.Those in the community and can not speak English, have low levels of education or lack working experience can as well be employed. These Peoople can work as porters to fetch water and firewood, to mantain the trails and the campingsites. These are not /dead-end /jobs and the community members will find opportunities to move into other positions as they develop the needed skills.

Tourism does not mean that the area or its inhabitants will directly benefit from the revenues collected from the tourism activities. Unless the area of opportunity for the community involves various sectors, the community may not take ownership of this difficult Sector but should also be found in sectors such as agriculture, construction, health Sector and many others.

Nyamiko community will continue to give hope to the local People socio- economically by taping all the available potentials through value addition to handcrafts, Banana wines, Bee Keeping honey processing and Basket weaving. Equally our Guests will be entertained through music dance and drama at Kihumuro Church of Uganda near Moliz Campsite. Moliz Tours and Safaris will continue working hand in hand with the family of Mr.Mugarura Elly and Naseti Baryanokwaise, the proprietors of Bee keeping and banana wines in Nyamiko. Their activities widen the opportunity for both the visitors and the community. Quality craftworks is something that can be taken home in order to share the holiday experience. Handcrafts can also be sold outside the community through shops and open markets in Ntungamo, Mbarara and Kampala or even exported if the community members are well organized and sensitized.

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Project Aims:
To encourage quality community based tourism with the aim of benefiting communities through sustainable development.

Developing and encouraging the development of infrastructure in rural areas for easy access to the protected areas.

Preserve and promote the rich religious and cultural values of the destination area.

Giving value to and promoting traditional skills, values, Cultures and history of the communities.

Encourage and increase the inflow of foreign tourists, by providing exceptional catering, free from harassment and pollution, with appropriate infrastructure and sanitation facilities.

Job creation for the poor and marginalized sectors.

Tourism awareness training for the communities.

Utilize local resources and skills to enhance the tourism industry's income and in turn benefit the host community.

Lobbying of private sector to use CBT activities.

Training on natural resource management and sustainable technologies for communities.

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