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chimpanzee tracking


Tracking the chimpanzees is a very interesting experience. Get your walking shoes on as we move through bush and jungle to spend one hour with our fascinating relatives, watching them swing through the trees or move quickly across the ground in front of us.

Chimpanzees and humans share more than 98% of their genetic code.

The chances of seeing the chimps are more than 90% in Kibale Forest.

It is also possible to do the habituation experience, which means you can spend the whole day with them.

The number of chimpanzee permits per day is limited, so please book this activity in advance. It is possible to book this activity through MolizTours and Safaris.

We can provide a lunch box for people who are going to track the chimpanzees.

Note: Minimum Age Note: The minimum age for tracking the chimps is 15 years

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