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Books about Wildlife
Watching Wildlife East Africa: The Lonely Planet. Detailed guidebook about the wildlife in East Africa. Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and the Easternmost part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

East African Wildlife: Bradt. Detailed guidebook about the wildlife in East Africa.

Field Guide to the Birds of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi
About Rwanda

Rwanda is often called the "Land of a Thousand Hills". Rwanda is a small land-locked country, on the eastern rim of the Albertine Rift Valley, part of the Great Rift Valley. Rwanda is experiencing a tourism rebound after falling off the tourism map during the genocide in 1994. The country now has many international visitors and is regarded as a safe place for tourists. Touring with us the "Land of a Thousand Hills" is very easy, because the distances are relatively shorter and the road network is generally in good condition. Rwanda is bordered by Uganda in the North, Burundi in the South, the Democratic Republic of Congo in the West and Tanzania in the East.

Rwanda has a lot to offer: Five volcanoes in a row and the biggest concentration of mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park, vast tropical rainforest in Nyungwe Forest, with Chimpanzees, large troops of Angolan Colobus Monkeys, Red-tailed Monkeys, Patas Monkeys and Blue Monkeys.

Great Savannahs in Akagera National park with the large animals like Elephants, Lions, Buffaloes, Leopards, Giraffes, Zebras, Hyenas, Warthogs, Hippos and Crocodiles and a stunning scenery at Gisenyi on lake Kivu.

Kigali is the Capital City of Rwanda, which is slowly regaining its former reputation of its great nightlife. Kigali’s international airport serves domestic and several international destinations. Kigali is also home to the National Genocide Memorial.

The West and the central Regions of Rwanda have steep slopped mountains and lies at elevations of between 1500 and 2500 metres above see level. The Virunga Volcanoes give a lot of hiking opportunities through beautiful scenery. The steep mountains only give way in the eastern part of the country, nearby the Tanzanian border. The lower lying terrain is part of the Lake Victoria Basin, with the Kagera River. Much of this ecosystem is protected within the Akagera National Park.

Rwanda is a tropical country and much of it lies on the African plateau. This gives Rwanda a nice tropical climate, with temperatures averaging between 23 and 28 degrees Celsius during the day and between 11 and 17 degrees Celsius at night. The rainy seasons are from March to May and October to December.
The official languages of Rwanda are French and Kinyarwanda, but English is also widely spoken. The currency is the Rwandan Franc (RFr). The land is 10,169 Sq Miles - 26.338 sq. kilometers, with a population of 12.26 million People.

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Books about Rwanda
Rwanda: The Bradt Travel Guide. This is the most detailed guide-
book for Rwanda.

East Africa: The Lonely Planet. Information about Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.
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Films about Rwanda
Gorillas in the Mist (1988): Feature film dramatizing the work of American ethologist Dian Fossey, who studied gorillas in Rwanda's mountain forests until her murder there in 1985.

Hotel Rwanda (2004): Feature film dramatizing the true story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who housed over a thousand threatened Tutsi refugees during the 1994 genocide.

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